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I am a social game developer. What could LazyLand do for me?

LazyLand helps you publish your social games through an alternative distribution network outside Facebook. This way we open the way to millions of gamers and enable you to increase your revenues with no set up fee or any marketing spend.

When you say “outside Facebook” what exactly do you mean? Maybe other social networks?

No! Our network consists of all kind of publishers (news portals, music communities, sports channels etc)
It is a common knowledge that CPA on Facebook increases rapidly, competition is fierce and the viral effect becomes more and more challenging. The obvious alternative channels might be either social networks like Google+, Orkut, MySpace etc or local social networks especially in European and Latin American countries. It takes a lot of effort and time to gain presence in each of them and usually the result is disappointing since Facebook is the leading social network in almost every country worldwide. Also, it is often required to invest on marketing budget since the distribution of games is similar to the one on Facebook.

What we offer is not a mere presence in some other social networking sites. We offer you presence in websites which would like to have social games. According to this perspective the targeted gamers’ audience is in reality bigger that the one of Facebook. Each gaming or non-gaming portal is your prospective partner!

How could my games run in an environment that does not provide any social features?

This is where LazyLand Platform comes into play!
The games you have developed use already an API (eg the Facebook API) so as to access user's basic information (name, gender, photo etc), obtain user’s friends list and perform viral actions. LazyLand API offers as well all of the aforementioned and in the same time provides you with an alternative wide distribution network for your games. Basic information is obtained from any of the supported authentication methods (Facebook, Google Account, etc). Moreover, LazyLand provides through automated invitation mechanisms the opportunity to the user to create new in-game friends, called “buddies”. Experience has shown that in-game friends have equal (if not greater) value than social-network friends, for game-playing purposes. What is important for a user is to have friends who are interested in playing the game, and in-game friends offer exactly that. Finally, viral actions are available in various forms (depending on the user's authentication method). All of the above are provided to developers through the simple and easy –to- use LazyLand API, designed to require minimum modifications to the game.
It is important to point out that – contrary to games running inside a typical social network - the viral effect is just an additional vehicle for you to attract new users for your game. Your main vehicle is the new network of publishers that you reach through LazyLand platform since this network consists of very large portals which will all promote your games in order to maximize their users’ time spent, user engagement and revenues. Thus, we provide you with a huge penetration with no marketing spend required on your behalf.

What exactly should I do to connect my games with your platform and how long does it take?

The main feature of the LazyLand platform is designed in such a way so as to allow easy port of existing games designed to operate in a social network (eg Facebook platform). Therefore, your game exists in a canvas page which we load inside each partner's website. Users arrive to your game already authenticated, and their information is available to the game through the LazyLand API. For viral actions, LazyLand provides a Javascript SDK similar to the one of Facebook for performing wall posts and requests. Finally, payments are also handled by the LazyLand API, which allows your game to request a payment and get notified when it is completed (similar to Facebook credits).
To sum up you need:

• no modification to the game logic or the way you display user information
• minor modifications to your canvas page so as to adapt to LazyLand's canvas
• minor modifications to access user information using the LazyLand API
• minor modifications to your viral actions to use the LazyLand Javascript SDK
• minor modifications to handle payments using the LazyLand API

The typical development time to complete the migration is one week. Bear in mind that we provide you support during the migration period and will help you to solve any issues you might encounter.

My game is available only in English / in only a few languages. How could I target other markets?

It is crucial that the game is translated into the language used by a specific publisher in order to have the maximum possible effectiveness. The more languages you provide, the more potential publishers you will have! The more interesting languages are German, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, French, Turkish, Italian, Polish. The good news here is that we can help you. We can bring you in touch with specialized studios which can undertake the up-front and on-going translation of the application as well as with designers who will help you to make design customizations where necessary.
Please note that if your application is made solely in one language and there is no provision for others, you should get into the process of making it ready for localization.

Which are the other significant benefits you offer?

• First of all we undertake the business development part. LazyLand is present in several countries, either via its local own offices or through strategic local partnerships so as to enrich its games’ portfolio and multiply on - line publishers. Most publishers we contact usually already offer casual flash, browser, downloadable or massive games but they yearn for the new trend of social games. What all these publishers are really looking for is fresh gaming content provided by large distributors (since nobody wants to sign numerous contracts with individual game developers) easy integration and of course additional revenue.Together, working as a team, we could offer to all these publishers an unrivalled additional advantage: They get extra traffic from the viral effect created by the games’ social features. The key role of the LazyLand platform is to ensure that the extra traffic generated from the viral effects of social games is returned to the publishers from which it started.
• After your games’ integration in LazyLand platform, any website is able to host your game including all available social features, following a really simple procedure (copy-paste a piece of code). We remind you that LazyLand undertakes the distribution and the accounting process for all publishers.
• We create the whole marketing plan and all promotional materials needed for publishers who favor to promote your game(s) in their websites.
• We give you a comprehensive online admin tool. You have anytime access to detailed statistics of your games, revenue, as well as automated update for payments and billings.
• Customer support is handled by us.

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