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Game Developer

The Game developer position entails the design and development of online games and the primary activities are:

● Initial Game conceptualization including game play

● Development of online games

● Quality testing of games in an efficient and comprehensive manner in order to identify bugs and other issues

● Providing solutions for compound technical complications

● Collaboration with team members to fulfill the requirements of each project

A qualified game developer should be equipped with the following skills:

● Experience at OOP and Architecture, using any of AS3, JAVA.

● Experience in game servers like Adobe Flash Media Server, SmartFox Server, ElectroTank server.

● Great communication skills


WEB / UI Designer

The Web/UI Designer position includes the creation of high-quality designs, graphics and layouts for websites and games. The designer is also responsible for creating interactive user interfaces after identifying the newest trends and tools to enhance user experience.

A Web/UI Designer should have experience in:

● Creating Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for games

● Developing and maintaining interactive games websites and teaser pages

● Utilization of Photoshop, Illustrator & Flash. Also, experience of any of 3D Studio Max, After Effects or Anark is considered a plus.



 System Administrator

The System Administrator position involves the management of a large number of cloud servers (web servers, database servers, etc.) for Linux environment.

The ideal System Administrator candidate should be equipped with the following skills:

● College/ Higher Education Degree in Computing

● Excellent knowledge of Linux administration

● 2-3 years of experience in system administration

● Practical knowledge of web technologies (Apache, MySQL, postfix, Perl, python)

● Excellent knowledge of English

● Ability to work either independently or within a team

● Attention to detail

Desirable qualifications:

● Experience in virtualization and cloud technologies

● Experience in software development

● Experience in managing a large number of servers in web environment

● Experience in high availability technologies (load balancing, etc.)

● Professional certifications